welcome to hear me roar project

hear me roar was envisioned a space for people who had an abortion.* however, hmr never quite got off the ground!

  • hear me roar developed detailed curriculum for a six week in person program to guide and support integrative healing post-abortion and planned to offer this curriculum to existing health care and post-abortion support organizations. additionally:
  • as a press, hmr sought to change the narrative around pregnancy, abortion and relationship abuse by publishing writing that is feminist and complicated. this blog is an example.
  • as a network, hmr advocated for a robust web of support for people post-abortion and for a world that recognizes complex reproductive trauma.
  • and, hmr hoped to advocate for a world with better outcomes for those facing impossible or seemingly choice-less pregnancy decisions. hmr hoped to help humanity see the future of how climate change, capitalism, global trade and other big concepts affect us, our social structure and our reproductive choice, freedom, happiness and outcomes for the worse, and wanted to promote happier, healthier, more just futures.

*hear me roar recognizes that relational, sexual and reproductive related trauma often comes in a package. in other words, those individuals who experience verbal and emotional abuse, relationship abuse, or domestic abuse or violence; sexual abuse or assault; and reproductive trauma often experience all of ‘The Big Three.’ hmr was a space focused on abortion experiences but informed about and connected to resources in all three categories. hmr recognizes that this is complex.

at hear me roar, we see you and we hear you.