herstory: a hear me roar museum

Launching in late 2017, Hear Me Roar was originally an LLC yoga concept. I set out to develop a six week course for people who had experienced abortion. A closed group of six to ten individuals would take the course together from start to finish, building trust and relationship. Each meeting would focus on a different expressive form meant to guide and encourage healing: strength training, a trauma-informed yoga class, an art project, writing your story, telling your story and making a self-care basket while developing body knowledge.

Me presenting on the concept at Co.Starter’s business building graduation. Birmingham, Alabama, November 2017.

Having decided to quit my job and leave Birmingham, I packed up everything I had in my one-bedroom apartment and headed West. Interested in working with Planned Parenthood as a health educator and already networking with all the post-abortion organizations I could find (there were very few), I felt that the Bay Area in California was the place that I would be most supported while launching this concept.

There was a lot that I imagined and detailed, in terms of what my business would offer and how the program would be structured.

Ideas for the business, sub-business and possible partnerships as well as marketing sketches.
My vision for putting Hear Me Roar into motion in 2018 and how that would impact my identity.